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5 Reasons To Move To Princeton Texas (Sooner Than Later)

This small town has seen a massive population growth in the last 20 years, going from 3.4K in 2000 to an estimated 11.7K as of 2018.

Why move to Princeton?

Everyone always has their personal reasons, but here's 5 we know to be pretty common.


1.) Location, location, location...

Princeton Texas has great access to US Route 380.

Collin County locals know all to well that if you know where you are in relation to these two main roadways, you can always find your way.

1.) US Route 380

2.) US Highway 75

75 intersects 380 in McKinney, only a few minutes west of Princeton High School (also on 380).

380 will connect from Princeton through McKinney, Frisco, and Denton.

HWY 75 will connect from the heart of Dallas, TX (about an hour from Princeton) all the way to Kittson County, Minnesota-- where it ends just shy of the Canada-US border.

So wait... Why Princeton over McKinney?

2.) Cost of living

Average house cost in Princeton is about $242,000. Rent is estimated $1,162 a month.

Let's put that in perspective.

A house in Collin County averages $337,120, and McKinney's at $383,990.

Which brings up the next point...

3.) Collin County is Incredible

Anywhere in Collin County, you can go from iconic Texas plains, to a vast selection of shopping centers, to a laid back night life in minutes. There's a plethora of job opportunities, lifestyle options, beautiful parks, scenic hot air balloon rides, fun museums, wonderful schooling (including an affordable college education), low crime rates, and so much more...

It's no wonder people have been moving to Collin County faster than 99% of other counties in America.

4.) Small Town With Sustainable Growth

The population is still relatively small, with 11.4K compared to McKinney's population growing past 192,000 in 2019.

Hope you like less traffic jams, more backroads, and full Texas sunsets over Lake Lavon.

Yet, the consistent rate of 1,000 people a year lately is bringing in all sorts of business and new neighbors at a healthy rate.

5.) Property Values Continue to Rise

All previous things considered, it makes sense.

The overall pattern doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon. If you're thinking about it, jump on now.

Besides... If you decided to move in the future--you'd most likely net profit.

Princeton wins! Go Panthers!

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